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Pro Shop and Resturant Now Open!
Posted by: Admin
Wednesday, September 03, 2014

As of June, the Pro Shop here at FCA is now under new management!

Stop by to check out some of our new inventory from companies such as;

·         Graf

·         BioSteel Sport Supplements

·         Swedish Stickhandling

·         Elite Hockey

·         Shock Doctor

·         Fox40


and of course… We hope to be your go-to place for skate sharpening from now on.                            With NHL Players Jordan Eberle, Mike Green, and Zach Boychuk using our shop                                this summer, we will get your skates ready for camp and keep them in                                               top shape all season.

Oilympics Restaurant and Lounge Now Open!
Also, as of September 2nd, the Oilympics Restaurant and Lounge is open regular                        hours. Be sure to come check out the lounge, with renovations made over summer                           as well as an updated menu, it is a great place to spend the hockey season!


Prime Time Ice Available
Posted by: Admin
Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Great times available to get a group of friends together for a game, or get your recreation
team out for a practice!

Check out our Ice & Facility Rental tab for a list of available prime time ice sessions.
Contact Adam at before they are all gone!

Precautionary Measures - Protect your Valuables
Posted by: Admin
Thursday, January 17, 2013

Due to an increase in the number of theft related incidents at our facility over recent
weeks, The Flames Community Arenas encourages all patrons to pay close attention
to the protection of your valuables while visiting our site. If you are leaving valuable in
your automobile, even for a moment, it really helps to keep them out of site.
Also, always be sure to lock the dressing room door if you are the last one out to
protect against theft and vandalism.

Ask the Facility Attendants for keys to the dressing rooms.

Thank you,

FCA Management

Message to FCA Patrons
Posted by: Admin
Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Dear Flames Community Arenas Patrons, 
There has been a concern forwarded from people within our neighborhood regarding
the excessive speed used by some persons on 22nd street and 47th avenue while
driving to and from our facility.
Given the high flow of traffic, the narrow roads, and presence of children we ask that
patrons use caution and reduced speed at all times in the area. We look forward to
your full cooperation on this matter.
Thank you.
FCA Management

BASE Hockey @ FCA
Posted by: Admin
Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Flames Community Arenas is home to BASE Hockey.
BASE makes customized hockey sticks designed specifically for the player.
Taking into account many different aspects BASE will help you determine what stick
is best for you, and
makes that stick factory direct at a great price.
Come check out what BASE Hockey has to offer!
Email the guys to set up an appointment for a fitting                                                                                                             

earn more about BASE at  
or call 1-888-728-6977 x520


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